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Posted: July 3, 2010 in Module 2: Web 2.0
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One of the true benefits of Web 2.0 is its seamless integration into everyday life. I’m sitting here on the couch, watching the World Cup, blogging on my iPhone!
The World Cup itself is an example of how the new web is such an integral part of our lives. People throughout the world have kept up to date with every kick, header and goal in South Africa thanks to services such as Twitter. The micro-blogging service hit an all-time record high number of tweets during the World Cup, peaking at a massive 3283 tweets per second (, 28 June 2010, retrieved 2 July 2010) – more than four times the average. On Twitter’s own media blog ( , ‘The Voice of the World Cup’, retrieved 2 July 2010), it predicted the conversation surrounding the World Cup would be torrential.

It’s not surprising to suggest that the World Cup will be big on Twitter. Let’s take the Super Bowl as a data point. At peak moments, nearly half of all tweets created were about the game. And think about it: where the Super Bowl is U.S.-centric, the World Cup is global, and increasingly, so is Twitter. Then, mix in mobile use: people are going to be tweeting from bars, from movie theaters, and from stadiums in South Africa. Lots of people are going to be tweeting from their desks at work—but lots are also going to be tweeting from places in the world where phones, not PCs, are the primary internet connection.

Countless other organisations (some as big as CNN) have joined the conversation by building on the existing platforms of social media giants Twitter and Facebook. Interestingly the official FIFA Twitter account ( only has just over 100,000 followers. The organisation is clearly contributing to the World Cup conversation but it is being dwarfed by the tsunami of tweets from the public. It is clearly not a one way conversation.
And I predict that conversation has become a roar right now because the Netherlands are upstaging Brazil 2-1!


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