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I use the standard pop-up blocker built into my browser and also a plugin called ClickToFlash for Safari on the Mac which won’t load any flash component of a website unless you either click on it or have previously “whitelisted” the site. This works beautifully to stop the torrent of advertising and video auto-plays you get, especially with the major news sites like Fairfax.
I find this works well to strip the web back to an experience I am happy with.
The trouble is, the mere fact that we have to take such measures points to the fact that advertisers and websites are not using the web to its potential. As a media professional myself, I completely understand the need to monetise the web but websites are approaching online advertising in the same way as we have done for years in traditional media – find the biggest audience and try and ram an ad down their throats. In the old days, that was ok – if you wanted to watch your favourite TV programme, you put up with the ads. The old mass media was basically a big megaphone – a one-way conversation. The web doesn’t work that way. It’s a two-way conversation with millions of niches and the control is now in the hands of the people.
Websites need to continue to find ways to deliver targeted advertising to receptive audiences and anticipating our needs rather than force feeding us with ads we don’t want.