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Web 2.0 is communication. It’s a conversation. It’s participation. It’s interaction. It’s sharing. It’s community.

I think back to the 90s, when the Internet and the world was a different place. The Internet was like traditional broadcast media, shouting its messages to an audience which was brought up on consuming what was served to them. It certainly wasn’t TIm Berners-Lee’s vision of the World Wide Web, but then, back in those days, dial-up speeds couldn’t sustain the dynamic form of Web 2.0. It was part of the experience to sit and stare at the computer screen, waiting for data to slowly download. Dial-up, wait for the funny sound to let you know you are connected, launch the browser, wait, load the homepage, wait, load the Google homepage (thank God the Google homepage was so sparse and didn’t take much time to load), type in your search, wait, go to the page you wanted ten minutes ago, wait for it to load … still waiting … and there you go! Don’t forget too that Internet Providers charged you by time connected so you had to get on and get off, quick! In my opinion, one of the biggest influencing factors in the shift to a participatory web was not just the increased bandwidth but also taking the clock off Internet connections. I believe it was the fact that people no longer had to watch the clock, freed them to connect, interact and participate.

Author Clay Shirkey summed it up in a Web 2.0 lecture (San Francisco, 2008) when he said media in the 20th Century was all about consumption.  But media really is about production, consumption and sharing.  If people are offered the opportunity to produce and share, they will do it.  If they aren’t, you will lose them.

“Media that’s targeted at you but does not include you, might not be worth sitting still for” (Clay Shirkey, Web2.0 lecture, 2008)

This is the conundrum facing traditional media.  Shirkey talks about a “cognitive surplus” as we emerge from the old consumption model and ways we can utilise that collective thought to create resources and assets that were unimaginable just a few years ago

Very interesting stats and markers from the Nielsen 2010 Social Media Report (March 2010):

  • 9 million Australians now interact via social networks
  • Content sharing is the most popular activity online
  • 4 in 5 Australian Internet users have shared a photo
  • Twitter usage grew by 400% in 2009
  • Nearly 3/4 of Australians read a wiki
  • 2 in 5 Australians interact with companies via social networks
I have known about Delicious for a while but didn’t realise the potential until I signed up as part of this module.  I thought: “I save bookmarks on my computer, why do I need to save them in a cloud?”  I didn’t consider the social nature and benefits of sharing links.  It’s like flicking a light on when suddenly it all makes sense to you.  Same thing happened to me with Twitter when I realised it wasn’t just a way to find out what someone had for breakfast but was in fact a platform for a conversation, a news source and so much more.  Here’s my Delicious account and I’ve linked to my Web101 bookmarks on the left.