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An interesting discussion on where newspapers and “old media” is heading.  Jeff Jarvis from and TWiG is a great thinker on this topic.

Newspapers can no longer own the news in a community – they could before, they had to before because they owned the press and the trucks.  Now there is an ecosystem that (is) emerging.
One single big old company is not going to be replaced by one single big new company – it is being replaced today by an ecosystem of many players who operate under many different motives and means and business models. (Jeff Jarvis, Ideas in Action television programme, 2009)

Jarvis talks about the “hyper-local” bloggers and small businesses that are starting up – some bringing in $200,000 PA.  There is definitely a market for this new ecosystem that is coming together in the wake of the slow-moving goliath news organisations.

The bottom line is the old business model of newspapers is not sustainable in the new world.  Large media organisations will still be around for a long time yet, but no one can “own” the news like they once did.  The cost-structure of news has changed dramatically.

The future of news is entrepreneurial not institutional.