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Using this link to give a visual representation of the path Internet packets travel to reach a destination.  I tried with a number of websites.  Some interesting results with The Age website, which had a hop to Hong Kong on it’s way back to Australia.

And heading to my favourite cooking website – – was just a leisurely 15,525 miles!

Who owns what – whois is a great tool for finding the owner of a particular domain name.  Quick searches revealed is owned by the Inktomi Corporation, located in Sunnyvale California. No surprises for – owned by Google.  And of course is owned by Disney, (as is by the way!). is of course owned by Google – this will redirect anyone who has mistyped to the Google website.  Interestingly, Google doesn’t own – that is a link page owned by THEPLANET.COM INTERNET SERVICES.  Google must think one extra “o” could be a mistype, but two is just plain silly!!